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Royal Street
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Garbage Issues / Recycling
Q: When does the garbage come on Royal St.?
A: Garbage is picked up on Friday, usually between 10 and Noon. You can put out barrels as early as Thursday evening at 5 p.m., but most people on Royal Street put the barrels out on Friday morning.  Often the recycle truck will come before the garbage truck.

Graffiti -

Utilities -
Telephone Service: RCN, Verizon
Cable: RCN, Comcast
Gas: Keyspan Energy
Electric: Nstar

Quality of Life
Q: Does the street cleaner come to Royal Street?
A: Yes, On Monday between 9 a.m. and noon.

Picture of street sweeper

Landlord Issues

Rental Unit Inspections are Required for all Non-Owner Occupied Apartments Rented on Royal Street per city ordinance CBC 9-1.3.  If you rent out property on Royal Street, and you don't live in the building, you are required to get your apartments inspected and certified. Owner occupied houses on Royal Street are exempt from this requirement.


Because the law says you must base your decision to rent on the applicant's ability to pay, a credit check is a great way to help to determine who the best candidate will be.

Credit Checks for prospective tenants who fill out an RHA application are offered below for $25 each through an independent company:

Tenant Issues

Rental Unit Inspections are Required for all Non-Owner Occupied Apartments Rented on Royal Street. If you live on Royal Street and  your landlord does not live in the building, you should ask your landlord about getting the required inspection and certificate, or call the city and request an inspection.

Landlord Resources

Want to collect the rent without hassles? Take checks by phone, or set up tenants on auto-bill.

Parking Issues
Q: What can be done about companies who use Royal Street
   to store their Commercial Vehicles?
A: Get them ticketed by calling BTD enforcements at 617-635-3125.
   The best time to call is at 6:05 a.m. with the address and plate#.



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