On September 24, 2004 Royal Street was paved for the first time since before 1945, according to former 60 year resident of Royal Street, and former owner of #43, Esther Cotter. 

The street was repaved by Cicconi & Sons Construction Company
38 Eatonia St. Allston, MA 02134 under the supervision of the Public Works Department.

At 53 Royal Street on 12/10/04 and at 30 Royal Street in April 2005, Keyspan made emergency repairs to gas lines at the respective properties.

Keyspan used "temporary" patches for these service calls and did not make the final repair as required. This destroys the surface, and creates potholes and surface failure after just one winter.

Residents are encouraged to call the city of Boston, Public Works department or click here about these patches every time. 

Also call Keyspan, 617-469-2300: give them the address, and ask them to permanently fix the street.  This involves a power tamper, hot asphalt, a steam roller, and sealer; NOT a guy with a shovel. They will do this if you call and require it.

Remember, Keyspan is a for profit corporation. They make billions of dollars in profit and they make millions of dollars by not making proper repairs when maintenance to gas lines is needed.  Keyspan passes this burden to the city and tax-payer and funnels the "profits" to shareholders.

When they dig up the city owned street, they are required to put it back exactly how they found it.  Because they are for profit, they will not do this unless they are told to do it. 

UPDATE: Both temporary patches have been properly repaired by Keyspan, as of October 2005. You will notice a temporary patch to compare it to at 20 Holman.  This has never been properly repaired by Keyspan and has already formed a pothole.

----------LATEST DEVELOPMENT-------------

On August 9, 2006 Todesca Equipment Company, owned by Albert Todesca, drove this Barber-Greene equipment
With these treads:

Across Royal Street, Myrick St. and parts of Franklin.  The damage caused looks like this:

The damage consists of quarter-size divots 3/8 - 5/8 inch deep, spaced every 3 inches in two rows of four spanning 12 inches.  This will cause the road to form two ruts after salting, sanding and plowing the surface.  It will also cause the surface to degrade at an accelerated rate.

This project was supervised by Don Bruzzi, who was the foeman. His phone number is 617-361-4240 and he works for Todesca. 

The inspector for the city that is handling this case is Kevin Linsky. 
His phone number is 617-438-8507. 

Kevin Linsky's supervisor is the Commissioner of Public Works, Joseph Casazza 617-635-4950.

- 8/10/06 Mr. Linsky said, "the street will be repaired."  He said by phone today that today the damage would be photographed, video taped, and measured. 

A report will be prepared and presented to the Commissioner, Joseph Casazza including, who ordered the operation that caused the damage, who was in charge of the site at the time, and what is recommended for repair. 

Mr. Linsky said he thought the proper way to fix the damage was to resurface the street at no cost to the City of Boston.

Updates will be posted when available.

8/24/06 - Kevin Linsky stated in a phone conversation that on 8/10/06 he had a crew on Royal Street and determined that the damage was "barely significant," and "cosmetic at best," and stated that a full report including interviews with Royal Street residents stating that the damage did not seem significant, stress tests to determine the extent of damage and a 90 day plan to monitor the street's integrity.  A copy of the report has been requested from Room 714 Commissioner Casazza. Despite that fact that the report determined no damage was done, the contractor Todesca has been fined $5000 for operating the equipment on the road.

Updates will be posted when available.